McFadyens Contractors can help you to manage any utility projects, by offering a one-stop shop for multi utility connections, disconnections and more. With our customer-focused, streamlined approach, we help homeowners, commercial customers and industrial developments across Argyll.

Cutting Sawing & Grinding

McFadyen’s Contractors cutting equipment includes masonry, metal, timber, and tile cutting tools, allowing for the flexibility to work with almost any material. Our range of saws includes reciprocating saws, mitre saws, band saws, circular saws, chainsaws and a cordless jigsaw.

Drilling & Demolition

Whether it is for breaking roads, pavements, or other demolition work, our range of breakers and breaking equipment will provide the versatility you need.

Impact Drivers and Impact Wrenches

McFadyen’s Contractors also offers a comprehensive range of small tools for hire. Impact wrenches, cordless drills, grinders, breakers, hammer drills and more.

Survey Equipment

The surveying and location tools from McFadyen’s Contractors allows you to measure, monitor and survey land to the highest levels of accuracy. From laser levels, surveying equipment to CAT scanners, pipe locators, sound monitoring devices and optical levels, McFadyen’s Contractors can provide industry-leading tools and equipment to help with a wide variety of construction and building tasks.