McFadyens Contractors can help you to manage any utility projects, by offering a one-stop shop for multi utility connections, disconnections and more. With our customer-focused, streamlined approach, we help homeowners, commercial customers and industrial developments across Argyll.

Drainage Materials

Underground drainage systems are used in gravity drainage and sewage installations. McFadyen’s Contractors provides a range of products suitable for foul and surface water drainage systems including pipes, fittings, chambers and test equipment.

Structural Twinwall Pipes

Twinwall pipes are used in surface water drainage systems to drain excess water in a range of applications such as agricultural, highways, railways and airports. These pipes can also be used to drain excess surface or stormwater in domestic settings such as garden drainage.<br /> <br /> Manufactured from HDPE, these weatherproof, lightweight and strong pipes feature a smooth internal surface for an increased flow rate, while the outer surface has a ribbed structure for a high compressive strength.<br /> <br /> Twinwall pipes are available as unperforated (solid or carrier drain) and perforated (filter drain).


We supply and install many different geotextiles. Geotextiles are fabrics used in geotechnical applications, such as road and other earth embankments, coastal protection structures and drainage solutions. They are designed to perform one or more basic functions such as filtration, drainage, separation of soil layers, reinforcement, or stabilisation.


Concrete kerbs are an integral component in the urban transport and water management setting. Serving a pivotal delineation role in roads, highways, footpaths, drainage, parking spaces and more. We can supply and install a wide range of concrete kerbing - contact us to discuss your requirements.

Re-enforcement Mesh

We stock various sizes of reinforcement mesh. Reinforcement mesh, or steel fabric, is a premade lattice of rebar used to improve the lateral strength of concrete slabs, walls, and other constructions - it comes in many different sizes suitable for different applications.

Man Holes and Cover

Manholes come in all different sizes to suit various applications and designs. We can supply and install manholes, plastic chambers and precast chambers to all shapes and sizes to suit your project or design.